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CJ Neagle

Brief Bio: After serving 4 years in the US Coast Guard as a boarding officer and rescue swimmer I spent many years as a bouncer and security manager. As a student of criminal justice and psychology I sought to find connection between the physical training I found in my Karate and Aikido training and the real-life scenarios I faced in my law enforcement and security experiences. I found Krav Maga bridged that gap and soon realized my passion to help others empower themselves to have the knowledge, fitness, mindset, and confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Why I train: In training, I find a healthy outlet for my aggressive energies and a way to practice problem solving in a fun stressful way. Testing what works for me, what I need work on, and pushing against what feels uncomfortable.

My Class In Three Words: Engaging Confidence Booster

Favorite Books: Autobiography of a Yogi, A Theory of Everything, Shibumi

Favorite Movies: Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal, Army of Darkness

Favorite Quote: "We must endure the cold seasons that temper and strengthen our souls, as well as the hot seasons that forge the alloy at our core." - Integral Life Practice

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