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  •  in Cedar Park - The Mat Martial Arts - Basic Tips for Better Punches

    Basic Tips for Better Punches

    Click link for full video - Basic Punch Tips: Hand Position When it comes to throwing effective punches, there can be almost as many ways to do it correctly as there are to do it incorrectly. No matter which method one ascribes to, there are a few common elements we can all agree on…
    Loose hand = broken hand
    Keep the wrist straight
    Strike with the first two knuckles After these three, there might be some variations depending on context preference but for simplicity, this video will focus on how we teach basic punch positioning at The Mat, with three main hand positions. When you make a proper, tight fist, ....

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  • Efficiency in Training: Wants Vs. Needs

    Efficiency in Training: Wants vs. Needs (click image to watch video) Understanding the difference between what you WANT to happen and what NEEDS to happen is a large component of what it means to move from one level to the next in martial arts or self defense training. As we increase our confidence in our abilities and the skills we obtain, we must learn to narrow the gap between what our brain WANTS and what our body actually NEEDS. This improves efficiency in our movement, allowing us to identify and act with more options rather than being over-committed to a single response. We're not getting any younger as we train more, so a general rule, we should always be ....

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  •  in Cedar Park - The Mat Martial Arts - Why We Need Plateaus

    Why We Need Plateaus

    Why We Need Plateaus As a beginner it is easy to become overwhelmed by the various skills and scenarios presented in class. It can feel like a bunch of mental clutter floating around in your head. Much like a room with scattered clothing and books and toys and dishes and papers all over the place, it is really difficult to walk in and think anything other than, “Oh, man! Where do I start? ”
    Gathering and Organizing
    Just like we would create a list of priorities to clean that room, we must be able to do the same with our thoughts. Everything should have a place in the room, and if it doesn’t, find a place or get rid of it. Training is the same process. The ....

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  •  in Cedar Park - The Mat Martial Arts - How to Kick More Effectively

    How to Kick More Effectively

    Throw More Effective Kicks Check out the YouTube video here, and read a breakdown of the lesson in written form below. Does Size Matter? Yes, sort of. Size does least sometimes. Strength, timing and accuracy, among other factors, will always play their parts towards success in martial arts training. Without the benefits of strength through size, you must be proficient enough in technique to realize effectiveness. A common misconception, particularly in the martial arts, that I have come across many times in my thirty-plus years training and teaching is that size equals strength. While being big undoubtedly often translates to being strong, being small ....

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  •  in Cedar Park - The Mat Martial Arts - Essential Footwork for Self Defense

    Essential Footwork for Self Defense

    Footwork: 3 Essential Movements (pt. 1) Click video image to view Understanding how to move yourself into position (or out) is what allows for proper distancing to your target, generates momentum for increased power, and gets you out of range from oncoming attacks. There are a number of ways to move in and out of position, but boiled down, there are really only three essential footwork movements you need to know for self defense training: • Step-through • Shuffle • Slide Yes, there are bursts, lunges, double-steps, and plenty more. At the end of the day, they are all just variations or modifications to the above three. So, let’s ....

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  •  in Cedar Park - The Mat Martial Arts - VIP Open House

    VIP Open House

    VIP Open House
    Saturday, January 27, 2018
    Help us celebrate the Grand Opening of our new location! Join us for a free sample class and information session, with special savings on enrollment. Parent or guardian must be present but students will participate on floor on their own. Class will be followed by a brief information session on the programs offered throughout the week and our monthly rates. FREE UNIFORM and $0 ENROLLMENT FEE for signing up the same day. Reserve your spot now! 1:00pm - Tiger Tots & Lions (3.5 - 6 yrs old) 2:00pm - Dragons (7 - 12 yrs old) 2:15pm - Teens & Adults (13 yrs +) ....

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  • Upcoming Events

    4/14 - Lions & Dragons Belt Test 4/27 - Parent's Night Out 5/5 & 5/6 - Handgun Safety & Defense Seminar 3/10 - Active Killer Response Seminar 1/27 - VIP Open House (Free Enrollment Event) ....

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  •  in Cedar Park - The Mat Martial Arts - How to Defend Punches Better

    How to Defend Punches Better

    Defend Punches More Effectively
    This past week, I got the chance to meet up with an old friend and training partner for some practice and discussion. It just so happens, Sensei Ando (as he goes by in his online persona), has a successful martial arts blog ( ) and YouTube channel (click to visit) , and he asked if I’d be willing to share some thoughts on a topic for his latest post. Not one to turn down an opportunity to share my opinion, I naturally accepted. Watch the video below to check out what we came up with, or scroll down to read a summary on what we filmed. Click to load video

    In the early stages of our training, most of ....

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  •  in Cedar Park - The Mat Martial Arts - September Rank Testing

    September Rank Testing

    September Rank Tests for All Programs and Levels. Be sure to get to ready by attending classes regularly this next month. Testing schedule is as follows: Lions & Dragons
    Saturday, 9/16
    Dragons - 2:00pm
    Lions - 3:15pm * Lions & Dragons must wear full uniform to test. Dragons (Yellow Belt & up) are expected to bring sparring gear. Adults & Teens
    Sunday, 9/24
    Foundations - 11:00am - 1:00pm (All Levels are required to attend if testing today)
    Intermediate - 11:00am - 3:30pm (Testing to Level 3, 4, 5...must attend Foundations Test. 30 min break will be issued between tests) * All Test participants are required to wear Mat appropriate shirt and have all ....

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