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  • Active Killer Defense

    Upcoming Active Killer Defense® Training Register today for the Active Killer Defense Training August 20th Register Here ....

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  • 5 Common Habits to Fix in Your Striking

    Full video available on our YouTube channel athttps://youtu.be/LxPFfOIoDcs Through years of training and teaching I am often finding myself making many of the same corrections on students. Posture, Rotation, Extension, Push/Pull, and Tension. Young or old, new or seasoned, it's very common that one or all of these elements come up in discussion on a daily basis. Here's a couple of things to keep in mind for your next strike training. ....

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  • Start Your FREE Week Now!

    Thank you for visiting us this past weekend to chat about our programs! We are confident that you'll truly enjoy our age-appropriate approach to practical self defense and look forward to having you in to try some classes. We are offering 1 FREE Week to everyone we spoke to at our table. If you have not yet booked your first class, please do so below. Click on the appropriate age group to register for your first Starter Class. Use Discount Code: "Festival" at checkout.
    Valid for any program:

    Tiger Tots (3.5-5yrs)
    Lions (5-7yrs, Kinder-1st Grade)
    Dragons (7-12yrs, 2nd-6th Grade)
    Teens (12-15yrs)
    Adults (16yrs + up)
    Click Above to Select the Appropriate Program and Book ....

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  • Effective Breathing for Striking

    Full video available at our YouTube channel... https://youtu.be/baZyR8J8AFY Everyone understands the importance of breathing when it comes to fight training, but what is commonly under-practiced is effective breathing during the actual strike. Especially in those just getting started in training, the breathe becomes lost in the tensions of our body's movement and winds up being too early or too late, which in time depletes even more energy. The breathe needs to match the exertion of our body, simultaneous to the physical action in that moment. Whether you are working slow and smooth, or hard and fast, the principles in breathing remain constant. Match the rate of air with the ....

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  • Reserve Your Class

    Click Below To Claim Your FREE Class!

    Valid for any program:
    Tiger Tots (3.5-5yrs) Lions (5-7yrs, Kinder-1st Grade) Dragons (7-12yrs, 2nd-6th Grade) Krav Maga / Self Defense MMA / Muay Thai / Grappling / Boxing Fitness / Wellness Weapons / Kali / Escrima ....

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  • Better Straight Punches

    https://youtu.be/n-hkXr3h020 The straight punch is an integral tool in any marital artisit's asenal. As frequent as they are drilled in practice, it's amazing how little is focused on the mechanics of sound, effective punch techniques to maximize the body's full potential in delivery. Check out these quick tips on throwing strong, effective straight punches. Keep watching for some cool and simple drills to work on your own in class or at home. Hit us with your comments below if you have any topics you'd like us to explore in future videos. * LIKE * SHARE * FOLLOW * CONTACT US * MORE INFO: www.themataustin.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/themataustin INSTAGRAM: ....

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  • Ryan Hoover Training Event

    Ryan Hoover Training Event

    Ryan Hoover Seminars As the official Fit to Fight training center in Austin, TX, The Mat is honored to host the head of our system, Ryan Hoover, for a series of seminars from 12/14-12/16. Offering a multitude of training opportunities both for our members exclusively and for the general public, this will be an opportunity you won't want to miss! The Mat will be closed for regular classes during this time as a portion of the weekend includes closed door Instructor training and certifications.
    Schedule of Events:


    2:00pm - 6:00pm Instructor Certification Training

    9:00am - 11:00am Clinch Fighting. Close quarters combat from various clinch positions, leading to strikes, ....

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  • Upcoming Events

    Ryan Hoover Training Event
    Sat. 12/15/18
    (Special Pre-Register pricing through 12/10)

    Clinch Fighting

    Weapons from Clinch


    (Members Only) VIP Skills


    Women's Self Defense Series

    WSD: Grab Defenses
    Sat, 12/1/18 @ 1:30pm - 4:00pm WSD: From the Ground
    Sat, 12/22/18 @ 1:30pm - 4:00pm Rank Tests
    11/26-12/1 Defensive Options Level 1 Assessment 12/22 - Armed Combatives Foundations/Level 1 Test ....

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