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12/3/16- Social Protection Seminar

12/3/16- Social Protection Seminar

Social Protection Seminar 12/3/16

Social Protection means building awareness and practicing tools to maintain a safe and supportive community. The aggressive nature of social behaviors in recent events has created a concerning environment for us all. It is time to act responsibly within our community, supporting one another with actions of kindness rather than bully-behaviors. If we observe behaviors unbecoming of responsible citizens and feel inclined to step in, it is imperative to know what and how to do so without putting ourselves or others in further risk or danger.

Join us Saturday Dec. 3rd at our Social Protection Seminar to discuss a number of the important social concerns especially relevant in today’s climate. We will address the notion of building awareness for the safety of others, as well as what are acceptable and appropriate forms of intervention. Furthermore, we will practice some valuable tools and techniques used to respond to such behaviors with both verbal and physical tactics.

Topics will include:

• Personal Comfort & Capabilities

• Conflict Recognition & Response

• When/How to Step In or Take Action

• Non-Violent Actions

• Physical Actions

• Appropriate Use of Force

• Texas Law & Civilian Rights as 3rd Party Participants

This event is open to all everyone. Members and non-members are encouraged to invite friends and loved ones to share in the discussion of this important and immediately pertinent topic.

Cost – $49

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