We Enhance Your Child's Self-Discipline And Self-Respect Through Our Comprehensive Tiger Tots!

Tiger Tots encourages students to learn on their own accord. The class focuses on the motor and social skills development and fosters self-control within playful and nurturing karate instruction. Lessons and drills practiced are aligned with the students' physical and emotional development.

What Can You Expect From Our Tiger Tots classes?

The curriculum is scaled to present movements that make sense for their smaller bodies, building quicker muscle memory and confidence while they continue to gain coordination and dexterity. The context of self-defense for this age group places a significant emphasis on "life skill" development: 
  • Respect
  • Focus
  • Patience
  • Honesty


Confidence and focus through our martial arts classes!

Students taught the importance of standing tall, making eye contact, speaking clearly, and waiting for their turn. Some of the building blocks of being the right person, and it starts at home, at daycare, and in school. Through positive encouragement with enjoyable and game-like learning, Tiger Tots learn how the first line of defense is to be the right person. Students earn belts, patches colored belts to keep them excited about achieving goals.